Electronic drum sets are one of the latest innovations in drumming. The sets are comprised of two main parts: the drum module or computer and the drum pads. The drum module is the brain of the electronic drum set. It hooks up to the “triggers” on drum pads, which detect strikes on the rubber or mesh heads. Striking the pad with a drum stick sends a signal to the drum module that then creates the correct drum tone. The pads are velocity sensitive and can accurately affect the volume of the drum with how hard or soft you are playing. Most sets have multiple voice banks for various styles of drum kits.

There are many electronic drum sets available, varying from beginner models to professional quality kits with advanced features. Two of of the leading electronic drum manufactures are Yamaha Drums and Roland Drums. One advantage of electronic drum sets is the ability to play with headphones and minimal noise, ideal for drummers in an apartment building or other situation where noise is an issue. They are also very easy to record and some can be connected directly to a computer via MIDI for digital music creation.

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Set Copper Bi-Wire Speaker Jumper Cable / Spade Plug

Set Copper Bi-Wire Speaker Jumper Cable / Spade Plug
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